Add Context to your Content

With BeaconSage, you can put your content right where you want it. Harness the power of beacons to create rich experiences for mobile users wherever they go. Create custom-tailored web pages and tie them to beacons at your storefront, restaurant, museum, event — anywhere you want to deliver a targeted message.

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What are Beacons?

Beacons are small Bluetooth-enabled devices with one purpose: to emit a URL – any URL you want. When someone with the BeaconSage app is within range of a beacon, their phone will pick up the Bluetooth signal and notify the user that there is a beacon nearby. The user can then choose to interact with that beacon, which will take them to the URL programmed into it. It all happens in the background: there if you need it, unobtrusive if you don’t.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Build a Page

BeaconSage’s built-in page creator tool is a cinch to use. Design pages that will drive your users to take action. You can drop in nifty features such as text, photos, videos, forms, social feeds and more.

Assign to a Beacon

Assign your new page’s URL to the beacon of your choice, and you’re all set. You can manage all of your pages and beacons in one place with the BeaconSage dashboard.

Make Sure Users Have the BeaconSage App

Let your event attendees, customers or visitors. know about the app and where to download it.