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8 Great Ways To Use A Beacon In Your Restaurant

You know your fare rocks and your place is special, and now you can show your patrons just how special it truly is by using beacons!

Google Discontinues Nearby Notifications

Beacon messages will no longer be available to Android users without installing a third-party app. Find out what this mean for marketers.

Creating a Successful Beacon Deployment

Make the most of your investment in BeaconSage by following these tips.

Provide "Just-in-Time" Information to Your Visitors

Learn how zoos and aquariums are enhancing visitors experiences.

New Feature: Audio

You can now add audio to BeaconSage pages to create guided tours, multi-media exhibits and more!

Advancements in Proximity and Geomarketing

Location based marketing is opening up a radical new universe of possibilities. If your organization isn't exploiting these innovative solutions, it's about time you began.

Beacons Unaffected by DDoS Attacks

The internet has recently come under attack as vulnerabilities are found and exploited by hackers.

3 Reasons Beacons Are Great for Real Estate

Explore how beacons can open up endless possibilities in real estate and accelerate qualified leads.

Enhancing the Experience at Zoos, Parks and Aquariums

How beacons are creating a dynamic, interactive experience at zoos, parks and aquariums

BeaconSage Upgrades for iOS

Detect the physical web around you, interact with the internet of things and manage your own beacons with BeaconSage.

Benefits of Proximity Marketing

Advantages of beacons and proximity marketing. The direct consumer connection.

Proximity Marketing Goes Viral Locally

The benefits of proximity marketing and how big companies are using beacon technology to drive conversions.

Real Estate and the Internet of Things

The traditional role of agents as the primary source of information is long gone. Learn how Realtors use beacons to attract clients in a digitally connected world.

Beacons and Big Cats

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge partners with Aristotle to help spread awareness of the plight of big cats and other exotic animals with BeaconSage.

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