3 Reasons Beacons Are Great for Real Estate

Beacons require no physical presence, work for you 24/7/365, and don’t actually require home buyers to stop at the curb in front of the home. Home buyers merely have to enter the area for your home listing to pop up.

The main advantage of beacons is the proximity marketing software which allows the marketer to specify what notifications are sent to nearby mobile users. This makes it ideal for the real estate industry where the main mantra is “location, location and location”. Beacons, which have a range of up to 300 feet, have brought proximity marketing to the real estate industry.

The concept of beacons is that they are proactive and initiate contact with the home buyer instead of requiring the buyer to perform an action first. The notification a user receives on his smartphone from a beacon instructs him to click the notification to see the listing. The realtor has complete control of what content is displayed by the beacon through a back-end system. One click on the notification opens a listing information page complete with the agent contact details and a "Contact Now" button.

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Benefits of Proximity Marketing for Real Estate


Give Your Clients Property Information Where they Want It, On Their Phones

No more remembering to print out property information sheets and asking clients to shuffle through the papers throughout home tours. Deliver home details in vivid color directly to their devices while they're in the home. Using BeaconSage, upon arriving at a property, any visitor with a beacon detection app installed -- such as the FREE BeaconSage app for iOS in iTunes and Android in Google Play -- will receive a notification to their lock screen. When they open the screen, they arrive at a custom page for the house they are viewing with information pulled directly from the MLS!

Enhance Your Open House Event

Visitors receive notifications as they arrive creating a more personalized open house experience. Not only does this keep visitors informed, it shows that agents are technologically savvy and promotes brand awareness for the Realtor and their agency.

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Beacons can even be placed in open houses to show prospective home buyers the property’s features. Notifications can be setup in such a way that they are sent out only when the client is in a particular room or next to a particular piece of furniture. The home buyers receive messages as they move throughout the property featuring the rooms they are in.

Beacon technology is an excellent way to show large houses and helps out when the broker has multiple visitors touring a property moving around the house in different locations.

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A Lesson from Retail
Proximity marketing uses point-of-sale offers to generate a monster response rate. An IBM study found that up to 72% of customers will act on an offer if they are within sight of the point of purchase. That’s a staggeringly high response rate, but it makes sense if you think about it. People who come into a store voluntarily likely have purchasing a product in mind, and if you give them a money-saving offer for something they’re already inclined to do, they have every reason to act on it. While the sales rate for homes isn't going to be as high as retail sales, beacons significantly increase the chances of acquiring a client, clients that are already looking at houses. The majority of buyers use the first agent they contact. Beacons initiate that contact and make agents look more professional and appealing.


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