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3 Reasons Beacons Are Great for Real Estate

Beacons powered by require no personal presence, work for you 24/7/365, and don’t actually require home buyers to walk up to the front door. Buyers merely have to enter the beacon’s 300ft proximity for your listing to appear in their beacon-enabled device.

The main advantage of beacons for real estate is the proximity marketing software which allows the marketer to specify what notifications are sent to nearby mobile users. This makes it ideal for the real estate industry where the main mantra is “location, location and location”.

The concept of beacons is that they are proactive and initiate contact with the home buyer. The notification a user receives on his beacon-enabled smartphone instructs him or her to swipe the notification to see the listing. One swipe on the notification opens a listing information page complete with the agent contact details, a "Contact Now" button and anything else one wishes to provide, because the realtor has complete control of what content is displayed by the beacon through the back-end, content management system.

If a home buyer’s mobile device isn’t beacon-enabled, there should be on-site signage, such as a rider sign, to encourage them to install BeaconSage, the FREE, beacon detection app for iOS in iTunes and Android in Google Play.

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1. Beacons easily provide property information right where consumers want it: on their phones, right when they want it: now.

No more remembering to print out property information sheets or stuff information packets into on-site receptacles. Deliver home details in vivid color directly to their mobile devices while they're near the home. Using BeaconSage, upon arriving at a property, any visitor with a beacon enabled device will receive a notification to their phone or tablet lock screen. When they swipe the notification, they arrive at a specific page for the house; a page they can save for later viewing, even when out of range of the beacon!

With the BeaconSage Content Management System you can build your own custom, feature-rich pages to link to your beacons, or if you already have mobile-friendly online listing pages for your properties, you can link your beacons to those pages instead.

2. Beacons will enhance your open house event

Visitors receive notifications as they arrive, creating a more personalized open house experience.

Beacon technology is an excellent way to show large houses and helps out when there are several visitors touring a property, moving around the house in different locations. Multiple beacons can be placed throughout the house, creating a self-guided tour, showcasing specific rooms, an entire floor, or even a backyard.

Add video to your beacon pages, and you’re now giving personal, guided tours of the home to every visitor at their own pace!

Use beacons at your Open House

3. Beacons will set you apart from the competition

Beacons are cool! Using beacons as part of a marketing and property presentation package not only keeps visitors informed and gives them a more memorable, immersive experience, but it shows that the agent is technologically savvy, using every tool possible to sell a home, while promoting brand awareness for the realtor and their agency. 


3 Reasons Beacons Are Great for Real Estate

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