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8 Great Ways To Use A Beacon In Your Restaurant

You know your fare rocks and your place is special, and now you can show your patrons just how special it truly is by using beacons powered by! Easily publish unique content your customers can view on their mobile devices when they arrive, creating customer loyalty and interactive, memorable moments that will have them talking for days to come.

The concept of beacons is that they are location-based, linking consumers to relevant content when and where they want it. Using BeaconSage, upon arriving at a restaurant, any visitor with a beacon enabled device will receive a notification to their phone or tablet lock screen. When they swipe the notification, they arrive at a custom landing page (or micro-site) for the restaurant, which they can also save for later viewing, even when out of range of the beacon! And the restaurant owner has complete control of what is displayed by the beacon through a back-end, content management system.

If a restaurant goer’s mobile device isn’t beacon-enabled, there will be plenty of on-site promotional materials and knowledgeable wait staff on hand to encourage them to install BeaconSage, the FREE, beacon detection app for iOS in iTunes and Android in Google Play.

Here are just a few examples of great content a restaurant might have on their beacon pages:

1. Complete ingredients lists, including allergy warnings

No more concerned looks from patrons wondering if there is peanut oil in the dipping sauce or time spent by busy wait staff asking the chef, “what’s in this?” It’s all right there at your patrons' finger-tips!

2. Wine and beer pairings

Everyone wants the best meal they’re ever had. Help them do just that with knowledgeable wine and beer pairings for each entrée. And how about after dinner pairings of desserts, coffees and liqueurs? It’s like having a sommelier at every table!

3. Complete alcohol menu with tasting notes

“What kinds of bourbons do you have?” “What’s your best, smoky, scotch for the price?” Waiters, especially the new ones, struggle to answers these kinds of questions and often have to bug the busy bar staff and scribble down notes. Make your best bartender a celebrity by providing their personal tasting notes and recommendations!

4. The story behind your restaurant

You and your place have a story. A unique and compelling story of how at all started and how you got to where you are now. It’s a tale worth telling, and one patrons often want to know, but rarely find on the back of a menu. Here’s your chance to make it known, and you can easily update it as it evolves!

5. Event and entertainment information… and all the special, little things

Do you have live music on Saturdays? Do you sell your signature salsa? Do you have the best brunch in town according to a local poll? Let’s hear about it!

6. In-house only coupons and surprise offers

Provide special offers to first time patrons or repeat customers (or both!) using our Scratch-off feature. It’s easy; it’s fun; and it builds customer loyalty!

7. Color photos of plated items

I picture is worth… well, you know the rest. Here’s an easy, inexpensive way to share them for every item on your menu, without the cost of color printing!

8. Behind-the-scenes videos of the chef

Everyone wishes they could meet the chef, see him or her in action right there in the kitchen and maybe learn a thing or two about their favorite dishes. With some simple videos taken and uploaded to YouTube, you can bring the chef to every table, every night!


Download the PDF - 8 Great Ways To Use A Beacon In Your Restaurant


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