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BeaconSage Upgrades for iOS

This week, we upgraded our BeaconSage app for iOS to help you find and visualize the Internet of Things more efficiently.

Beaconsage on IoS

The newest BeaconSage iOS upgrade consolidates multiple lock screen notifications into one uncomplicated notification to minimize clutter and simplify the physical web around you. The result is a more compact, universal notification that doesn't get in the way of your other apps.

One notification lets you know when physical web objects are nearby and how many of them there are. Clicking on the notification opens the BeaconSage app where a list of the nearby places are displayed. You can then interact with whichever one you want with a single click.

The new update also optimizes functionality for using BeaconSage as a widget. The three closest beacons are displayed on the widget for easy one click access to the Internet of Things nearby.

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About BeaconSage

The BeaconSage app makes it easy to detect the physical web around you. BeaconSage notifies you when you are in range of IoT transmitters. Open the app when you are in range of any Physical Web-enabled place or thing and you will see a card with its URL. Tapping the card will bring the web page to full-screen where you can interact with it like any normal web page.

BeaconSage discovers Physical Web-enabled places or things nearby and organizes their related web pages in an easy to browse collection so you can immediately dive in and start exploring the physical web. 

Endless Innovation from Aristotle Labs

About the Internet of Things

Physical Web-enabled places or things contain special Bluetooth beacons—tiny radio transmitters that broadcast the unique web addresses for useful web pages and web services related to them.

More and more places—like transit bus stops, concert venues, hotels, sports bars, college campuses and more—are becoming Physical Web-enabled, giving you useful information about these venues, right at your fingertips.

Likewise, more and more things—like parking meters, vending machines, museum exhibits, and movie posters—are becoming Physical Web-enabled, giving you a much more immersive and personalized interaction with these objects.

For more information about the evolution of the Internet of Things in business see: Proximity Marketing Goes Viral Locally

Create Your Own Physical Web Places

The BeaconSage Management Platform allows you to manage your own beacons. Whether it be for personal or business use, configure your beacons in a variety of ways to deliver your message to everyone nearby.

Configure your beacons with any URL, BeaconSage exclusive cards, forms, images, videos or social feeds.

The BeaconSage management platform works with both Android and iOS operating systems, so you can reach the vast majority of the world’s mobile users.

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