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Creating a Successful Beacon Deployment

You've made an investment in beacon technology and now you're ready to show off your great content!  If you're like me, with any new technology I'm always wondering "Am I really getting the most out of my investment?"  By following these tips you can make sure that you're not only getting a great ROI, but also ensure that your customers are getting a great experience by interacting with your beacons.

1. Know Your Beacons

While mostly all beacons use the same technology under the hood, there are differences in how beacons work depending on the beacon supplier.  Make sure that you understand how to turn the beacon on and off, how to change the UUID or URL, how to change the proximity levels, and how long the battery will last.  Most suppliers will have some form of documentation on their website or in a PDF that you can use to learn everything you need.  

2. Use Proximity Levels to Lessen Confusion

If you have many beacons within a small space it can be confusing to users using the app to tell what content relates to what they are currently experiencing in real life.  To relieve frustrations you can use a beacons proximity settings. Beacons can broadcast their data anywhere from ~5ft to ~300ft (line-of-sight). By setting a proximity setting to a lower setting, customers will only see the beacon in their app's list if they are really close to the beacon.  By setting the beacon higher, customers will be able to view the content of that beacon from far away.  Every physical location is different and you should always do a walk through to determine if any beacons should have proximity levels changed in order to provide the best customer experience.

3. View Analytics to Discover What Customers Love

If your beacon platform doesn't have detailed analytics built into their platform, it's time to change products!  Analytics are crucial in helping you determine what content is popular.  While knowing how many people viewed the content of a beacon is nice, being able to know how many times a button was clicked, how often a contest prize was won, or how many forms submissions were received over a period of time can give you a detailed picture of how customers are using your content.  It allows you to optimize your content and get the best return on your investment.

4. Make Content Exciting

Customers are constantly wondering two things: "What's in it for me" and "Why should I download this app".  Both great questions!  Make sure you give them a great reason to breakthrough their "app-fatigue" by giving them content they won't refuse.  Providing extra information only found on the beacon, running a contest where they signup through the beacon, or providing deals/coupons through a beacon are great ways to get customers interested in what you've created.  Make sure that your platform has the ability to help you create these types of experiences!

5. Let Customers Know About Your Beacons!

The most important step in deploying your beacons is letting customers know about the new experience.  You've spent all that time creating great content, now we need to get customers to download the app.  Educating customers about your beacons can take many forms.  The most effective ways we've seen businesses do this include

  • Putting up posters near the entrance of your business asking people to download the app.
  • Giving customers small handouts that tell them how to download the app as they walk in or purchase a ticket to your business.
  • Sending an email to customers to let them know about the new experience and giving them a link to download the app.
  • Posting on social media to tell customers about your beacons and using a contest to get them to come by, download the app and try to win.

At BeaconSage we provide customers with template marketing materials, such as emails, social posts, and handouts.

What Now?

A successful beacon deployment starts with the right platform.  Contact us today to see why so many businesses love using BeaconSage to connect with customers.

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