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Google Discontinues Nearby Notifications

In late October of 2018, Google announced that it will be discontinuing its Nearby Notification services effective December 6, 2018. They claim that this was a result of poor end-user experience regarding irrelevant and unsolicited use of the notifications by many marketing and technology groups. Rather than trying to fix the problem, Google decided it would cancel the project altogether.

What does this mean for Marketers?

Without Google Nearby, beacon messages will no longer be available to Android users without installing third-party apps. Many have committed to a no-app solution for their customers, so they must drastically change their strategies and methods before December 6th. Luckily, BeaconSage already uses a beacon detection app! When end-users download the free BeaconSage app, available for iOS in the iTunes App Store and Android in the Google Play Storethey will be able to see the messages and pages from the beacons, as well as bookmark them for later.

How does this affect proximity marketing campaigns?

Since a company won’t be able to place beacons in high-traffic areas and reach those who don’t have any kind of app installed, proximity marketers will have to find ways to encourage customers to download the BeaconSage app. Fortunately, many industries have customers who are willing to download an app for more information, discounts, giveaways, and promotional materials. We encourage BeaconSage marketers to promote app downloads with on-site signage, hand-out cards, website promos and PR outreach.

Promoting BeaconSage app downloads

Many BeaconSage marketers have had success promoting downloads with creative on-site messaging. Here are example app download promotions for three different industries:

Real Estate

If you are interested in using beacons to showcase real estate listings, you will have customers who would love to learn more about it. When you build your BeaconSage pages, you can provide the potential customer with more information, pictures, and abilities to contact you.

Once you’ve placed your beacon at a location, provide messaging outside the property on the for sale sign using a conventional rider sign to encourage app downloads. Customers will not only have better access to the property info, but they can also save it and remember that your agency has a differentiating product from your competition.

Take a Tour


If you own a restaurant, your patrons are a captive audience for the duration of their meal! If you want them to see beacon content, you can provide an insert that is given to them with their menu or place a table tent on the tables in your restaurant.

Use BeaconSage to show featured menu items, today’s specials, item ingredients and more! Tell your chef’s story or provide ways to opt-in to a loyalty program! And using BeaconSage's built-in, special features, like the Scratch-Off, on your pages, you can offer discounts with messaging such as: “Download the BeaconSage app for 5% off of your purchase!” Or use creative imaging with the app download call to action as in the example below...

Restaurant coasters

Attractions and Tourism

Attractions see a great amount of success when they use an app-centered proximity marketing campaign. When guests enter your attraction, you can provide them with information about the BeaconSage app, offering many of the interactive elements to the pages (such as videos, additional information, and even a full audio tour).

Place signage at the front gate, inviting attendees to download the BeaconSage app, or hand out cards at the ticket counter. You can also incorporate BeaconSage into your website, suggesting downloading the app to prepare for an enhanced experience. For more ways to interact with your guests, please read our Provide "Just-in-Time" Information to Your Visitors blog post.

BeaconSage signage at the zoo

BeaconSage will be better than ever in this new climate

The BeaconSage app can provide users with a great experience, while creating greater rates of adoption from end-users. Though it requires a little more messaging and creative thinking, customers can get a much better experience out of the app itself. BeaconSage will continue to help organizations, small and large, provide relevant, interesting, and engaging content to their customers. The BeaconSage app is available for free for iOS in the iTunes App Store and Android in the Google Play Store.

For more information about proximity marketing or to see if BeaconSage is right fit for your business, please contact us today!

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