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Provide "Just-in-Time" Information to Your Visitors

You want your visitors experience to your attraction to be full of fun and excitement.  When you give them information about attractions and information about the animals it  helps to increase their excitement and enhance their experience while they are there. Struggling to do that, it can be frustrating to you and your guests and cause them to not come back or worse, cause them to talk negatively about your attraction and their experience.  

One way to help create excitement and enhance visitors experience is to provide “Just-in-Time” information. "Just-in-Time" information is the ability to give customers the information they need exactly when it's relevant to what they are experiencing.  This type of service can look different depending on your type of attraction.  For zoos it could be providing visitors with information about the animals they are currently enjoying and providing them with a link to "adopt this animal".  For aquariums it may be providing a map with different points of interest and giving visitors a video/webcam feed of animals while they are unavailable to the public.  Museums could provide an audio/video tour through the different exhibits and give more information about the creators of the exhibits.

By providing this information "just-in-time" you're able to relieve visitor frustrations, such as missing out on their favorite exhibit, not having questions answered in the moment, and will add more value to the price of admission for your attraction.  

What Now?

Providing "just-in-time" experiences doesn't have to drain your budget or be complicated to create.  Many wildlife attractions have used BeaconSage to create guided audio/video tours and interactive experiences that give visitors access to the animals, even if the animals aren't available in that moment.  

If you want to stop missing opportunities to connect with visitors request a free personal demo today.  Let us show you why Little Rock Zoo, Garvan Woodland Gardens, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, and many others trust BeaconSage to enhance their visitor experience.

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