How much does BeaconSage cost?

The BeaconSage App is FREE and can be downloaded from iTunes or the Google Play store. Pricing for BeaconSage the platform can be found on the Pricing Page.

What are beacons and how do they work?

A part of the Internet of Things (The Physical Web), a beacon is a small Bluetooth device that continually emits a specific webpage URL.

How are beacons used?

When a person is within range of a beacon, if they have installed a beacon detection app, such as the BeaconSage app, on their mobile device, they will receive a notification on their screen. When they select the beacon notice, they’re sent to a mobile-friendly webpage.

Is the BeaconSage app compatible with both iPhones and Android devices?

Yes, BeaconSage works with both Android and iOS operating systems.

What is the difference between the BeaconSage App and BeaconSage the service?

The BeaconSage App allows you to discover nearby beacons and beacon pages on your mobile device. BeaconSage the service is the online platform used to build beacon pages that are visible in the BeaconSage App.

Is the BeaconSage app required for the BeaconSage software service?

No, the BeaconSage App is not required to use the service, however, the BeaconSage app or another beacon detention app may be required for customers/visitors to receive your notifications. While Andriod devices with the OS version of 5.0 and higher have the functionality to receive notifications without an app, Google has implemented restrictions on what notifications will be received, and with previous versions of the Android OS, you must have an app. iPhone users cannot see notifications without an app.

How do I log into my BeaconSage online account?

Go to www.beaconsage.com/umbraco and enter your username and password.

What type of content can I place on the pages I create in the BeaconSage service?

BeaconSage is a very flexible service which allows you to create forms, interactive cards, and photo galleries for your pages. You can also type text, upload images and link to videos and social feeds. Read more about BeaconSage’s rich features.

How can I get technical support for BeaconSage?

Send us your questions through the Contact Form or call us at 501-374-4638 or toll free at 1-800-995-2747.

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