High-Tech, Low-Cost

Bring your digital content to the physical world at an affordable price. BeaconSage offers a cost-to-functionality ratio that’s off the charts. Starting at just $25 a month, it’s connectivity at a price you can’t afford to miss. Best of all, BeaconSage is scalable to your needs, so you can add more beacons and pages as you grow. Tell us in the notes section how you plan to use your new beacon, we'd love to know!

Need a beacon?
We’ve got you covered.

We offer Eddystone beacons starting at $25 each — order more and save more.

Already have a beacon?

If it’s Estimote or BKON brand, you’re ready to go — sign up for BeaconSage today and start building beautiful content to share with the world.

Want to White Label?

We can do that. Contact us for more information about how you can make the BeaconSage app and platform your own.

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