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BeaconSage Plus for Restaurants

You know your fare rocks and your place is special. Now you can show your customers just how special it is with BeaconSage Plus for Restaurants. Easily publish your own unique content your customers can view on their mobile phones when they come in to enjoy all you have to offer. Create customer loyalty and interactive, memorable experiences with BeaconSage for Restaurants! 

BeaconSage Plus for restaurantsWhat can you share? Here are a few ideas:

  • Feature lunch and dinner menus
  • Reward your customers with in-house coupons
  • Advertise daily/weekly specials
  • Make wine pairing recommendations
  • Provide ingredient lists with allergy alerts
  • Showcase specialty drinks
  • Promote events
  • Share your chef’s culinary magic
  • Tell your unique story
  • Anything else you want!


Easy-to-Use BeaconSage Content Templates for Restaurants

Simply add photos and content into easy-to-use webpage templates specially designed for restaurants. Easily link your pages to beacons placed in your restaurant. No programming or special art skills are required.

Contact Us To Get BeaconSage Plus Today!

Contact your BeaconSage team at Aristotle Labs at 501.374.4638 / 1.800.995.2747 /

How Do Beacons Work?

Beacons are small Bluetooth-enabled devices with one purpose: to emit a webpage URL targeted to your customers. Customers can see your pages on their mobile devices by simply downloading the FREE BeaconSage app. Customers can simply tell their phones to “Download BeaconSage” or visit the App store for iPhone or Android to download the free BeaconSage app.

Promoting Your Pages and App Downloads

Place a small table tent on your tables and at the bar, add a promo to your web and social sites, put a poster in your entry inviting your customers to download the BeaconSage app for a fun, interactive experience while spending time with you. 


Getting Started Is As Easy As 1 - 2 - 3


1. Account Set Up and Training

Contact us to set up your BeaconSage Plus account. Your Aristotle rep will copy the templates you would like to use into your account AND provide you with training for a one-time-only fee.

Account Set Up: $100.00 (one-time)

2. Order Your Beacons

BeaconSage Plus makes it easy to deliver information digitally to nearby mobile devices using state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor Eddystone beacons. Purchase your Eddystone beacons from us for just $25.00 a beacon, plus sales tax and shipping.

Cost per Beacon: $25.00 (one-time)
Plus Shipping & Sales Tax

3. Build Your Beacon Pages

For a low monthly fee of just $39.99, you can create unlimited content for up to two (2) beacons to be placed on site at your establishment. Build engaging content and assign them to your beacons from anywhere with no special programming skills required. Pay on a month-to-month basis with no contract. Need more than two beacons?  Check out our Pricing below.

Subscription Fee: $39.99 (monthly)


Contact Us To Get BeaconSage Plus Today!

Contact your BeaconSage team at Aristotle Labs at 501.374.4638 / 1.800.995.2747 /


How Else Can We Help?

Collateral Material, Photography & Content Creation

Aristotle Labs can provide you with table tents, cards and posters to encourage your patrons to enhance their in-house experience with you by downloading the BeaconSage app. Don’t have great photos of your food? We can help! Don’t have time to create your pages or enter your menu? Let us do that! Our team will consult with you on all your needs and come up with a package that’s right for your restaurant.


Need More Beacons?

No problem! Our subscription prices scales to meet your needs:

Basic …………….... Up to 2 Beacons ……….... $  39.99 /mo

Standard ……….... Up to 5 Beacons …………. $  69.99 /mo

Advanced ………... Up to 12 Beacons ………. $139.99 /mo

Pro ………………….. Up to 26 Beacons ………. $279.99 /mo

Elite ………………... Up to 60 Beacons ………. $599.99 /mo

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